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How to determine the maximum RAM capacity for an operating system?

I was curious to know what limits the max RAM capacity for an OS while reading about microprocessors being 32-bit and 64-bit. I know that limit for 32-bit OS is 4GB and for 64-bit OS is 16 Exabytes, ...
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How to determine the address of an element in a square matrix given the base address? [closed]

I was asked this question in examination. A square matrix $M$ of size $10 \times 10$ is stored in memory with each element requiring 4 bytes of storage. If the base address at $M[0][0]$ is $1840$, ...
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Valid-invalid bit in a process page table

Valid-invalid bit is used to indicate whether a page in a process’s page table is valid or not. Why is it needed? Does that mean that each page table has a certain minimum size, i.e. it can ...
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Valgrind: what is the difference between a store and a modify? [closed]

I am using the Vlagrind lackey tool to examine the full memory reference string of a running computer program and wonder what the difference between a "store" and a "modify" might be - and do these ...
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Applications affected by memory performance

I'm writing a paper on the topic of applications affected more by memory performance than processor performance. I've got a lot written regarding the gap between the two, however I can't seem to find ...
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DFA memory bandwidth

When we talk about DFA, we say that each new character from the input requires one memory access. What does that mean? This is what I think about this. Please tell me is this right? For example, I ...
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static paging vocabulary request

What is the term for an algorithm that always requests the same sequence of pages? I recall seeing this concept before but haven't been able to find anything on Google without more specific ...
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How a program is copied to RAM from harddisk

I know that for executing a program, it should be copied to RAM. But the problem is whole of it may not be copied always. Since the size of the RAM is limited, there is mechanism called virtual ...
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Dynamic loading vs. dynamic linking?

What is the difference between dynamic loading and dynamic linking? Both systems seem to allow shared libraries, but I am struggling to differentiate between them.
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Finding cache block transfer time in a 3 level memory system

Following question was asked in one of entrance exams for a graduation programme. Please help me try to solve it : A computer system has an L1 cache, an L2 cache, and a main memory unity connected as ...
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Changing from Kernel mode to User mode (and vice versa)

I am reading Operating Systems book by Galvin. Galvin explains, what are kernel & user modes, instruction privileges given for both modes & also about mode-bit. But I am interested to know how ...
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How DMA improves I/O operation efficiency?

I am reading Computer Architecture & Organization by William Stallings to understand I/O operations. Stallings pretty well explains why Programmed I/O (CPU keeps checking the I/O module register ...
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categories of registers and and storage in them

The Wikipedia article on processor registers mentions: Address registers hold addresses and are used by instructions that indirectly access primary memory. Which addresses does this sentence refer ...
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