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Questions tagged [memory-hierarchy]

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Approximate cache size & cache line size from optimal tile size

I wrote a program that multiplies two $N\times N$ matrices represented as 2D arrays by tiling the matrices into subsets with variable tile size. Each matrix element is an 8-Byte integer. I tested the ...
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Calculating miss rate for 2 way set associative cache

From my homework: Consider a 2-way set-associative cache with eight 32-byte blocks. Instructions and operands are 32-bits. There are an 8- bit data bus and a 16-bit address bus. A sample code is ...
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I/O Complexity Analysis with Memory Hierarchies

How to go about analysing the I/O complexity when there are multiple levels of memory involved? Looking up I/O complexity analyses returns papers such as this one, which generally assume for ...
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