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How to model references in an ontology

I am interested in creating an ontology which will model arguments (among other things). For example, a triple in the ontology might be ...
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1 answer

Develop a winning strategy for a game

Okay so I've been going crazy about this problem I was given. It is as follows: Given a pile of N matches, 2 people take turns removing matches from the pile. When it is your turn you are allowed ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is this problem just an application of traveling salesman? If not is it some other already "solved" problem?

Description of the problem in question: Say I have a complete graph with positive weighted edges. 1 vertex is specified as the "end". A subset of the other vertices are designated as "start" vertices....
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Context-free grammar for DAGs?

I'm looking for a "safe" representation of DAGs. With "safe" representation I mean that it can be described by a context-free grammar. Ideally, this grammar would be suitable for a simple LR parser. ...
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Integer programming for the courier (goods delivery) scheduling problem

Model: Consider an undirected, weighted, complete graph $G = (V, E = V \times V, w: E \to \mathbb{N}^{+}, r: V \to \mathbb{N}^{+}, d: V \to \mathbb{N}^{+})$. $s \in V$ is a source vertex. $G$ ...
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A* orientation discretization

I have a space with obstacles I wish to find a path through. What I can do is discretize the space into a grid and use A* (or D* or whatever) to find a path through it. I wish to now add orientation ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How to impose Euclidean distance constraint in a constraint satisfaction problem without quadratic constraints?

Best reference I could find is this one. However, I could not quite understand this one since there is no numerical example. What I am trying to achieve with one sentence How can I answer the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Set the parameters of a Erdos-Renyi graph generator to get a specific mean degree

I'm trying to reproduce the synthetic networks (graphs) described in some papers. The topic is the same as a previous question of mine, but with a different focus. It is stated that the Erdos-Renyi ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Peer grading design - choosing a graph, to get accurate rankings/ratings

Background. I am writing some code for semi-automated grading, using peer grading as part of the grading process. Students are given pairs of essays at a time, and the students have a slider to choose ...
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