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Questions tagged [monad]

In functional programming, a monad is an abstraction that allows structuring programs generically. Supporting languages may use monads to abstract away boilerplate code needed by the program logic. Monads achieve this by providing their own data type (a particular type for each type of monad).

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Beta reduction and sequence of effect

The famous Monad is well known for handling effect in a functionally pure manner (e.g. IO Monad). On the other hand, in some application, runtime performance is the utmost interest and the compile ...
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resources about programming language theory,topics: zipper and monads

I am in need of exercises and solutions about these topics in programming language theory with ocaml, zippers and monads, I can't find much on google, or I am missing something?
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Are monads a unification of a number of computer science concepts?

The following commentator writes: Monads are a unification of a bunch of computer stuff, including sequencing, IO, non-determinism, state, concurrency and exceptions. When I say "unification&...
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