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In functional programming, a monad is an abstraction that allows structuring programs generically. Supporting languages may use monads to abstract away boilerplate code needed by the program logic. Monads achieve this by providing their own data type (a particular type for each type of monad).

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What is the object translating part of a monadic endofunctor?

A monad is an endofunctor $T:C\rightarrow C$ with natural transformations $\eta:id_C\rightarrow T$ and $\mu:T^2\rightarrow T$. Being natural transformations mean that $$T(f)\circ \eta_A = \eta_B\circ ...
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Mathematical explanation of the usage of monads to wrap data for avoiding errors

For the past two days I have been on a question to understand monads in the context of Haskell. A nice explanation I found is by Graham Hutton on the Computerphile channel see here. This explanation ...
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