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Why do neural networks seem to perform better with restrictions placed on their topology?

Fully connected (at least layer to layer with more than 2 hidden layers) backprop networks are universal learners. Unfortunately, they are often slow to learn and tend to over-fit or have awkward ...
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Analysis of and references for Koch-snowflake-like (and other exotic) network topologies

In computer networking and high-performance cluster computer design, network topology refers to the design of the way in which nodes are connected by links to form a communication network. Common ...
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Sample a scale free subnet from random network

I already have a network which is like random complex network. Is there any way I can delete some of nodes and reduce the network into a scale-free network? I notice there are some methods that can ...
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Benes (Fat Tree) Network for number of inputs/outputs that is not 2^n

I was reading about Benes Network construction in this book. Their construction is easy for a number of inputs and outputs that is an exponent of two. However it seems to me that for a number of i/o ...
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What is a distributed algorithm for generating random "private" pair-matchings?

Say you have 2N named peers (agents) able to address each other by their name and communicate freely among them. What distributed algorithm could they use in order to randomly pair up? The final ...
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Seeking "gold standard" to evaluate accuracy of network clustering algorithm

I'm currently looking at network clustering algorithms (we're currently looking at both directed and undirected, unweighted networks). The algorithms we've tried produce visually nice clusters. ...
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How does a vpn connection work?

I have been looking into vpn (virtual private network). And I wanted to know more about the theory, how does it work really: what does it do with the packages? why is it secure? (or why can it be ...
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Alias-resolution: How does "common successor"-heuristic work?

The "Common successor"-heuristic ist described here: Motamedi et al.: A Survey of Techniques for Internet Topology Discovery, p. 11, 2015 From ...
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Help understanding ip address classes has the ip address Since the first number is $23$, this is class A. Does this mean microsoft owns all the addresses from to ?
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outside of bitcoin, how does a network negotiate what the next blockchain should be?

There are two problems I see with negotiating the next block chain: which transactions to include in the chain (because consider transaction T which has propagated through exactly 49% of the network ...
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Topology mapping (NoC)

My challenge is to derive three mapping scenarios separately for each memory module of the MPEG-4 to the 2-D mesh, so each task is mapped to a different core, and tasks are executed in parallel. Here ...
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How to know for sure that a router is congested?

Suppose a router X is dropping packets. Another router A will investigate whether X is dropping packets due to congestion. What are the procedures that A should follow? A already knows X's buffer ...
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Find Mapping Node in a Graph

Given two large directed graphs (may have loops and lonely nodes) A and B. They are structurally similar. If we give a node in Graph A, how to find the corresponding one in Graph B? Finally, we need ...
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What is the difference between broadcast and gossip/epidemics?

Everything is in the title. What is the difference between broadcast and gossip in the context of message-passing distributed systems? According to Wikipedia, gossip and epidemic protocols/epidemics ...
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Which neural network topology is the most efficient to generate randomly shaped letters?

I have created some unique shapes, so-called "letters" for a custom alphabet, all of which can fit into 9x9 pixels. Instead of drawing countless more, I try to combine two solutions I saw in a ...
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Analyzing network architecture with TDA

I'm doing Neural Architecture Search (NAS) by varying the number of layers and neurons per layer for a neural network (connections are feed-forward throughout), and then training it on a fixed task to ...
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binary representation of ip prefixes

How does an ip prefix translate to 0101∗ in binary and to ...
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Analyzing the railways network [closed]

I am studying complex networks and I have a question. Is it possible to use the tools and methods of the theory of complex network to study the properties of railways network? Are there any articles ...
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Path Through Graph That Minimizes Node Attributes

I have a directed graph (DAG) containing many nodes, all with various attributes (node attributes not edge attributes). I have a single target (finish) node and a set of source (start) nodes. I want ...
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How to generate spatial scale-free nwtworks?

I want to generate spatial scale-free networks for my project. Are there any python libraries that enable it? I read about the BA model ( ...
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Routing in ring network topology

I want to find 2-approximation algorithm for finding path of m messages sent from m computers to m different computers in a ring topology with n nodes. I know about clockwise embedding, which takes ...
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How to solve the minimum-cost flow problem on a complete graph, with a concave cost function of flow for each edge?

Here is the problem: Input: A series of source/sink nodes at fixed positions with given outwards/inwards flow Edges are NOT specified. The edges can connect any nodes. The total source and sink ...
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Measure of network branchiness on a weighted graph

I'm working with road networks, in which each edge is a physical street segment with a length attribute. Nodes represent junctions. However, my question should be generalizable to any weighted graph. ...
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What's wrong in this network topology?

What are the six mistakes that were made in the configuration of the following network? I could only find 3. Since the subnet on the left has as ...
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Mutual Friends in a Network?

I always seem to have trouble finding a formal way to analyze this (be through proofs or whatever). The problem statement is as such: If A and B are friends, and B and C are friends, then A and C are ...
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Calculating time it takes to download content

I have a network line that runs at a speed of 400kbps. How long do I have to download 6GB.
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What is the difference between centralised, decentralised, distributed, fully-distributed?

What is the difference between centralised, decentralised, distributed, fully-distributed, partially-centralised, partially-decentralised system? Which type or topology is the system attached in the ...
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In the Data Link Layer, is it better to use large or small frames?

I understand how the layer works to an extent, but cannot seem to figure out if the data link handles big frames more efficiently due to error detection or small frames better. I am assuming from my ...
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P2P and C/S, is it possible to determine which one is more bandwidth consuming?

In peer-to-peer (P2P) networks nodes are interconnected with each other. In client/server (C/S) networks clients talks to the server. If in a C/S network clients also want to talk with each other (...
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What is practical implication of Bandwidth delay product?

It's given that the bandwidth-delay product defines the number of bits that can fill the link; while the sender can send (1+(2 * Bandwidth * Delay)) units before getting acknowledged for the first ...
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Can anyone please help me understand the definition of Store-and-Forward delay from the Kurose and Ross Networking Book?

I have gone through the questions related to store-and-forward and transmission delays but they didn't answer my question. My question is directly related to one of the excerpts in the book (Computer ...
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Score and bound in Goemans-Williamson algorithm

I am trying to have a deeper understanding of the following implementation of the Goemans-Williamson algorithm for solving the maxcut problem. ...
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Machine Learning to draw a topology of elements

I'm exploring the idea of using machine learning to draw a topology of elements. For example, imagine a tree representing geological hierarchy (country -> province -> city). All countries are at ...
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The relationship between degree and the number of leaves of a tree?

What is the relationship between $\text{deg}(T)$ and the number of leaves of $T$, if $T$ is a tree?
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Train Communication (networking)

I have an essay question and I just want to make sure I have things right. 2 trains need to be able to communicate with eachother at any time. Based on research i've settles on a wired network ...
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Changes in prefix/ASN (Autonomous System Number) pairs?

I am wondering if a pair prefix/AS may change often ? I mean let's say we have a list with many given prefixes (e.g. that are mapped to ASN (e.g. 10753), this list is built on a given ...
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How to avoid looping of packets while implementing k-shortest paths algorithm in Network Simulator-3?

I am trying to implement k-shortest paths algorithm in NS-3 for IPv4GlobalRoutingProtocol. I am concerned about how to avoid looping of packets. My implementation calculates k-shortest paths from ...
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Proof of Diameter of a network topology [closed]

How do I prove that diameter of undirected Ring Topology is n/2?
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Does solving all Halting problem instances 'in the limit' imply we solve an undecidable problem?

The recent Arxiv paper "Learning the undecidable from networked systems" attempts to construct a network of $N$ Turing machines$^1$ that can solve the Halting problem for any program of size $O(\log N)...
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