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In ontology development, where do axioms come from?

I am developing an ontology. I've got the classes, relationships and I guess I could come up with instances at this point too. But what I'm really focused on is the axioms. I've learnt that the ...
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How “logic-based symbolic reasoning” and “ontology” are related?

I have a basic understanding of knowledge representation systems, semantic networks and ontologies. But I can not relate my understanding to the reasoning. How the reasoning is applied on ontologies ...
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What are Key benefits of Ontologies in Systematic Literature Review?

I am working on a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and about to done with data synthesis. After SLR, I want to create an Ontology and include different details of the SLR in Ontology. I have almost ...
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Combining Ontology and Relational Databases in Question Answering system

I'm introducing to the Natural Language Processing field and it's application. I'm planning to build a question answering system for a project, but some approaches are making me a bit confuse about ...
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