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Are semantic networks ontologies?

I struggle with few definitions in knowledge representation and seek credible help to distinguish between them. I have been searching on wikipedia and many websites for the difference between ...
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What are the practical uses of ontologies?

I have read many papers and books about ontologies and I am trying to figure out that how they are used in a real project? For example how the ontology for a soccer player robot can be defined and ...
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Semantic clustering

I have a very specific question about semantic clustering. I have a list of words/phrases. I want to run an intelligent semantic clustering algorithm on this list. Please let me know what the ...
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What is the formal name for an "entry" in an ontology?

I am trying to wrap my head around ontologies and their related counterparts (RDF, OWL, etc.). My understanding is that an ontology, at the end of the day, really boils down to some database storing ...
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Semantic similarity in text

Is there a relatively simple way of telling if two pieces of text are semantically similar? Some assumptions that are valid: It is all english I have a list of all the important nouns Are there any ...
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How to model references in an ontology

I am interested in creating an ontology which will model arguments (among other things). For example, a triple in the ontology might be ...
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In ontology development, where do axioms come from?

I am developing an ontology. I've got the classes, relationships and I guess I could come up with instances at this point too. But what I'm really focused on is the axioms. I've learnt that the ...
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Semantic information collections on the web. (Semantic Wikipedia)

There are lots of technologies supporting semantic information markup even as wiki software. I am wondering if there is any kind of broad information collection project like Wikipedia which features ...
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How “logic-based symbolic reasoning” and “ontology” are related?

I have a basic understanding of knowledge representation systems, semantic networks and ontologies. But I can not relate my understanding to the reasoning. How the reasoning is applied on ontologies ...
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Ontology Editor or Something Else (in my case)? [closed]

Does there exist a system, e.g., software, an environment, a programming language, or the like, to represent knowledge and to reason with it, to query with, where the (descriptive) language used is at ...
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In first order logic, how do we normally represent a statement?

I wanted for an example such as: Everyone has a mother. I've seen that it is represented in FOL as: $\forall x \exists y:$ Mother(x, y) I'm seeing that as:For every x, there exists a y, such that y ...
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What is the difference between cyber security ontologies and scenario ontologies in this system?

I have been reading the paper Towards a Cognitive System for Decision Support in Cyber Operations. And I have been trying to understand the role of two ontologies proposed here, cyber security ...
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Pool of photos for term extraction

I need a pool of photos (if possible with description) for my project. I mainly have to perform term extraction for semantic searching. Is there something available out there that is made available ...
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What is the difference between type inhabitant and subtyping?

I am confused with the terms inhabitant vs. subtyping. For example, We usually think that "john is an inhabitant of Human". This sentence is correct, because john is an individual, and an ...
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What are Key benefits of Ontologies in Systematic Literature Review?

I am working on a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and about to done with data synthesis. After SLR, I want to create an Ontology and include different details of the SLR in Ontology. I have almost ...
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Combining Ontology and Relational Databases in Question Answering system

I'm introducing to the Natural Language Processing field and it's application. I'm planning to build a question answering system for a project, but some approaches are making me a bit confuse about ...
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Have computer scientists proven the world is fundamentally unpredictable?

In the book "This Will Make You Smarter: 150 New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking", Rudy Rucker, a computer scientist, state: A little-known truth: Every aspect of the world is ...
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