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Packing problems are a class of optimization problems in which one has to pack objects together as densely as possible. One could be for example packing rectangles inside a rectangle.

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What's the complexity of solving a packing LP?

Linear Programming is in polynomial time weakly (when numbers are encoded in unary). AFAIK it remains open if it is possible to solve LP in polynomial time strongly (when numbers are encoded in ...
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Relations between the knapsack problem, the bin packing problem, and the set packing problem?

I wonder what relations are between the knapsack problem, the bin packing problem and the set packing problem? From their mathematical formulations, I don't see the first two belong to the third one ...
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Complexity of a non-linear knapsack problem

Minimize $$\sum_{i=1}^{n}\sum_{j=1}^{m_i}w_{i,j}v_{i,j}$$ subject to $$\sum_{i=1}^{n}\frac{m_i}{m_i+\sum_{j=1}^{m_i}v_{i,j}} < \theta$$ $$v_{i,j}\in\{0,1\}~\forall i,~j$$ where $w_{i,j}$ and ...
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Adversarial bin packing

An adversary gives you a set of items whose total size is $x$ (he gets to choose how $x$ is distributed. e.g. there may be $k-1$ items of size $\frac{x}{k}$ and 2 items of size $\frac{x}{2k}$). The ...
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Optimal distribution of N points in non euclidean volume, where each point is furthest away from the others

Given N points, I want to find the optimal configuration for which all the points are as far away from each other as possible. The metric I'm considering is an approximation to the perceived distance ...
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Online Bin Packing in 1D with Order Constraint

I have a computer science problem that seems relatively simple. We are given a number of 2D rectangles that we want to place next to each other on a 1D line (without rotating them). The 1D line has a ...
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How to optimize the locations and orientations of a collection of irregular 3D objects?

I'm working on a project where I need to optimize both the locations and orientations of a collection of irregular 3D objects in a given simulation box. To optimize the locations and orientations ...
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Hexagon packing algorithm

I'm trying to pack hexagons, within bigger hexagons, as shown here: For this example, I have 5 "children" to put in my "father" hexagon. Each time I've got too many children, I would like to reduce ...
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Packing the edges of a graph

Given a graph G, and positive integers k, q, pack the edges of G in (pairwise edge disjoint) connected sub-graphs, each of size (number of edges) at most k, and such that, no vertex is part of more ...
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Equally distributed/packed spheres within a sphere

I need to equally distribute a variable number of spheres within a larger sphere (the volume of the spheres depends on how many there are). Are there any algorithms for doing this? An approximate ...
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Approximation Algorithm for Bin packing Variant with Packing Overhead

I recently came up with this bin packing variant and was wondering, if someone has studied it before: Given: Instance $I$ is a set of tuples $\begin{pmatrix}s_{i} \\ o_{i}\end{pmatrix}$ with $s_{i}, ...
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Algorithm for modified 2D irregular bin packing

So usually bin packing algorithms compute the tightest packed solution. I want to calculate the opposite, in my case the solution with the most space between the packed objects is needed. I tried ...
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Additive approximation to bin packing

The bin packing problem is an NP-hard optimization problem that has many constant-factor approximation algorithms. I am looking for an additive approximation. I.e., given a set $I$ of items and bin ...
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Job scheduling and packing algorithm

I was thinking about developing a daily production work plan algorithm for an enterprise. The problem is as following: There are various tasks that needs to be completed, each has a deadline, a ...
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Schedule repeating jobs of fixed length and different weights

I have a scheduling problem that I am not sure is a known variant with known algorithms. It does appear like bin packing problem at first, but after imposing the constraints, I am not sure what it ...
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Bin Packing tight analysis lower bound?

I am having a problem understanding the following: This is the background of the lemma: To prove the lower bounds, we use the classical lower bound construction from [5, 9]. We have an input instance ...
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offline Bin Packing problem with multiple size bins

As per my research on stack overflow communities, This is probably known as cutting stock problem / multiple Knapsack problem (a variant of the bin packing problem) which is NP hard. here are the ...
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Pack Paths [Concave and Convex]

I would like to design an algorithm to pack closed paths into a rectangle. An example of one of these paths is below: The rectangle will have a fixed width, but the height will expand to accommodate ...
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A scheduling problem on an oriented graph with multiple constraints

The problem is the following : Data An oriented graph $(V, E)$ : to be understood as a set of partially ordered tasks A map $d: V -> \mathbb{N}$ : to be understood a function mapping tasks to a ...
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Multi Knapsack each with different constraints

It seems that there's no end to knapsack variations… here's the one I bumped into (at work): There are: N items, each with the usual value and weight properties. M bins, each with an upper ...
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For a given shape, find set of points with the maximum average distance

Within some shape, I want to find a set of points where the distance between each point is maximized. This seems similar to sphere packing to me except that part of the sphere can be outside the shape....
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