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High dimensional Pareto dominance query data structure

I have a large (10 million+) set $X$ of data points in some high dimensional $\mathbb{R}^d$ ($d \geq 500$) space. Each data point is quite sparse, e.g. has around $10$ components. Every missing ...
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How do you compute the Pareto Front of a set?

I need to decide which solution is the best design, in order to do that I need to compare them. Lower energy used and lower weight is better. My initial idea was to order both the fields best to worst ...
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Game Theory: Using a convex hull algorithm to map out Pareto outcomes

I have started studying the Pareto efficiency notion in Game theory. The definition I am familiar with is this: Strategy profile $\mathbf{s}$ Pareto dominates strategy $\mathbf{s}'$ if for all $i\in\...
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An online algorithm to maintain the Pareto frontier elements

I'm looking for an online algorithm/datastructure that is able to maintain a pareto frontier for two dimensional elements in an online scenario where elements can be added and deleted. For example: ...
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Unique Stable Solution in Stable Marriage Problem: Is it Pareto-efficient and a Nash Equilibrium?

The deferred acceptance algorithm solves the Stable Marriage Problem in a two-sided network, where each agent has complete preferences over each agent of the other side. There is always at least one ...
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