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Does exist another models like CARDIAC, LMC and IPC?

I'm working with CARDIAC (Cardboard Illustrative Aid to Computation) that is a model created at Bell Labs in 1968 to explain students how the computers worked with the Von Neumann architecture to ...
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Is there a OSI model equivalent for describing the abstract layers present in performing a computation for an operating system?

In describing where a system vulnerability exists, I often find a need for a model that partitions a operating system and its components into abstraction layers. Similar to how the Open Systems ...
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Simple cycles of length two in an undirected graph

Pedagogical question. Background A cycle in a graph can be defined as a sequence of vertices $v_1,\dots,v_n$ with $v_1=v_n$ such that, for each $i \in \{1,\dots,n-1\}$, the graph has an edge $(v_i,...
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