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The pi-calculus is a model of concurrency in terms of communication over channels. It allows channel names to be exchanged over channel and thus permits changing network configurations.

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Where can I find a list of logics with their corresponding calculus and computation phenomena?

I was watching some lectures by Prof. Pfenning on Proof Theory. Between 5:30 and 15:00, he gave a list for some different kinds of judgments along with their calculus and computation phenomena that ...
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How to simulate natural number in Pi Calculus

I have some questions about Pi Calculus: How to simulate the natural numbers only with its primitives? It's possible simulate the if else clauses without the sum (+)? A minimal and standart example ...
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Applied $\pi$-calculus: Name binding and if clauses

Assume in the applied pi-calculus we have the following process: $$(\nu n)\overline{c} \langle n \rangle.0 | (\nu n) (c(y).(\text{if n=y then P else Q}))$$ where $P$ and $Q$ are further processes. I ...
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What qualifies the structural relation in the pi calculus as a congruence?

In the pi calculus, there is an equivalence relation between terms that are structurally equivalent and should "act the same", which is usually described as structural congruence rules. For example, ...
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Are two CCS processes equivalent with respect to weak bisimilarity if and only if they satisfy exactly the same set of HML formulas?

I was skimming this recent paper and I was struck by the following statement: two processes are equivalent with respect to weak bisimilarity if and only if they satisfy exactly the same set of HML ...
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Recursion in pi-calculus

In the book by Sangiorgi and Walker ("The $\pi$-calculus: A theory of Mobile Processes"), Subsection 3.2 is devoted to recursion. They state the following constraint (pages 132-133): "The ...
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Is the Choice operator implementable on $\pi$-calculus?

I was reading about $\pi$-calculus, and some authors include in the basic operations a Choice operator $P \oplus Q$ which means that either $P$ or $Q$ will be executed, but not both. On page 8 of "...
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What is a "name/variable of base type" in applied $\pi$-calculus?

I'm studying the articleVerifying privacy-type properties of electronic voting protocols which uses Applied $\pi$-calculus to formalize voting protocols and verifies some privacy-related properties. ...
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Sequential execution in $\pi$-calculus

I am relatively new to $\pi$-Caculus and have a doubt wrt sequential execution in In $\pi$-Calculus . Does passing of common names over common channels shared between two Agents, represent a ...
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How exactly does on describe the formal semantics of the Applied $\pi$-Calculus?

In "Mobile Values, New Names, and Secure Communication", Abadí and Fournet describe thet Applied-$\pi$-Calculus. Although I understood a great part of the description of the Applied $\pi$-Calculus, I'...
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Why do some authors not include summation in the $\pi$-Calculus?

In Robin Milner's book "Communicating and Mobile Systems: the $\pi$-Calculus", on page 87, the set of expressions of the $\pi$-Calculus is defined as $$P ::= \sum_{i\in I} \pi_i.P_i\ {\huge|}\ P_1|...
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Pi Calculus: Restriction necessary for molecular (atomic) action?

In "A Calculus of Mobile Processes, Part 1" [1], Milner et al. give an example for transmitting a pair of values $(u,v)$ from the process $P$ to either $R$ or $Q$ (see page 13). All three processes ...
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Automaton equivalent of the π calculus?

If Turing Machines are the automata equivalent of the $\lambda$ calculus, what is the automaton equivalent of the $\pi$ calculus? I suppose it would be some class of automata that resembled a Turing ...
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Late and Early Bisimulation

This is a follow up to my earlier questions on coinduction and bisimulation. A relation $R \subseteq S \times S$ on the states of an LTS is a bisimulation iff $\forall (p,q)\in R,$ $$ \begin{array}...
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