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A branch of artificial intelligence concerned with generating multi-part solutions to problems. Examples include game-playing AI, industrial automation, turn-by-turn directions

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Reducing a known NP-hard problem to a custom 4D planning problem

I'm interested in characterizing the complexity of a decision problem related to path planning. For instance, consider the following problem: Given the current location and battery charge of an ...
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Point Cloud Complete 3D Area Coverage Path Finding Algorithm

So I have a point cloud, of a 3D object, as an input which I received from a 3D scanner. I would like to generate a path which covers the entire object, meaning I would like to come up with a complete ...
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Solving multiple pathfinding problems efficiently

Let $V$ be a set of nodes, $c : V \times V \rightarrow \mathbb{R} \cup \{\infty\}$ be an edge cost function, and $h : V \times V \rightarrow \mathbb{R}$ be an admissible heuristic. Suppose we want to ...
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Scheduling of process manufacturing with setup times

Overview The process manufacturing is (in contrast to discrete manufacturing) focused on the production of continuous goods such as oil. The planning is typically solvable by means of Linear ...
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Search vs planning in artificial intelligence

I'm studying artificial intelligence following the Russell & Norvig book. We did a search and planning part that for me is the same (at least on the representation). I'd like to know what is the ...
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Generating project network graph

I had a problem of generating project network graph (like there and there) from list of activities and their dependencies. Informal description: Every activity is represented as edge of directed ...
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Complexity of STRIPS planning for finding optimal solution: PSPACE-complete or NP-complete?

I am reading the two articles below to try to figure out whether STRIPS are NP-complete or PSPACE-complete. Specifically, I am trying to figure out the complexity of finding optimal solutions using ...
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Need help figuring out a planning/assignment problem

I'm looking to solve this planning problem. Any pointers or ideas are much appreciated! You have a number of i individuals i = { 1, 2, ..., n } that need to perform tasks. Tasks are performed in ...
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Job Shop Problem with dynamic jobs

I've got a problem at hand that's about scheduling tasks to different ressources, basically a simple job shop problem. But: my tasks "branch" dynamically, that is, there are tasks that not only have a ...
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Is this passage from the textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach incorrect?

On page 383, section 10.2. of the Algorithms for Planning as State Space Search chapter of the textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, the following passage appears: In this passage, the ...
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Shortest curve interpolating points with a constraint on the curvature

I'm looking for a method for determining a path for a UAV that interpolates a set of input locations, with a constraint on maximum curvature and given an initial velocity vector. The cost (length) of ...
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Dynamic path planning and waypoint sorting

Good evening everyone, I have a question that I am having a bit of trouble formulating properly and thus it is making it complicated to look up literature on the subject. What I am looking for is a ...
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Aggregate planning with inventory

I am lost in formulating a mathematical model for my linear integer program. My problem is; how to include inventory and backlogging. The following is given: 1100 units can be produced each month ...
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Job scheduling and packing algorithm

I was thinking about developing a daily production work plan algorithm for an enterprise. The problem is as following: There are various tasks that needs to be completed, each has a deadline, a ...
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Solving Unary Constraint Satisfaction Problem other than branch and bound

I am solving a problem of planning a meal, where I need to fulfill requests such as "create a two-dish meal that MUST have at most 2g of fat, the first dish MUST have 400kcal and SHOULD have at least ...
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Form of conditional observation probabilities in a POMDP

Consider a partially observable Markov decision process (POMDP), see here for a complete definition. My question is in relation to the conditional observation probabilities (denoted by $O(o|s',a)$ in ...
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proof that STRIPS terminates

I was reading page 6 of And it is not clear to me that the STRIPS algorithm necessarily terminates. Namely if we have a simple goal sg on ...
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Number of states in classical planning

With reference to the Heuristics section of Classical planning in Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig, there is a question: consider an air cargo problem with 10 airports,...
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Is there any published paper about automated planning software used in the ESA Rosetta mission?

The Rosetta spacecraft has reached a comet in August 2014 and sent a lander on its surface. It was one of the greatest science news of the year. Automated Planning and Scheduling techniques are ...
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How to convert a search solution to a path to be tracked?

Let's say I have a space with obstacles and I'm trying to control a robot's movement while avoiding obstacles. I also have a start state and a goal state. I use a search algorithm to find the shortest ...
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Formulating an arrangement problem with STRIPS

The problem is rearranging furniture in a flat. We are given rectangular rooms of natural width and height with doors between them, (the walls have no width) and rectangular furniture at starting ...
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A* cost implications of arbitrary/dynamic point on edge in navmesh

I currently have a working implementation of A* using navigation meshes. Agents are moving around a 3d navigation mesh, reaching their target, however often a sub-optimal path is chosen, when ...
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What are practical applications of AI Planning? [closed]

note: any tips toward making this more constructive will be highly appreciated. I've dealt with ai-related problems, from searching algorithms, to computer vision, to machine learning. However none ...
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