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A queue is a First In First Out (FIFO) data structure. Popular uses of queues include buffers and breadth-first graph traversal.

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Assigning a unique representation to equivalent circular queues

First, a few vague definitions: Circular queues (or circular buffers) are data structures like normal queues but with their ends connected together (forming a "circle"). wikipedia Let's say that 2 ...
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Using Queues for a Stack and Stacks for a Queue

I was asked a question on how to use a pair of Queues to create a Stack and how to use a pair of Stacks to create a Queue. Any thoughts on how I would do this? Right now I don't even know where to ...
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Algorithmic Complexity of Enqueue and Dequeue of a Special Queue

The Canteen Queue Problem There is a common canteen for K hostels. Each hostel (co-ed) has some $N_1,N_2,...,N_K$ students. These students line up to pick up their trays in the common canteen, in a ...
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