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Find a key in a BBST for which sum of values of keys smaller then it - is maximal

I'm required to describe an implementation of a data structure that holds key,value pairs, which can be signed integers. We need to be able to init() in O(1), insert(x) in O(logn), delete(x) in O(logn)...
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Rank of a graph in matroid theory

I was going through the concept of graphs as matroids and I came upon the rank of a graph. Wikipedia lists it as $n - c$, $n = |V|$, $c =$ # of connected components. I do understand rank and nullity ...
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1 answer

Why merge into the larger tree in union by rank

When we do union by rank we merge the smaller tree into the larger tree. I dont understand why we do this exactly?
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Reference selection for rating assignment based on pair comparison

Background: a set of 300 images are prepared, randomly pair compared with 60 other images, assigned a rating (from 1-star to 5-star) based on the pair comparison score (+1 if wins a pair comparison ...
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How can I get index of combination from element indices

An array of combinations is generated from two arrays, ...
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