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Problems of cyclic executive approach for scheduling of real time systems

I have a doubt on the cyclic executive approach for scheduling on real time systems. From Alan Burns's book Real-time Systems and Programming Languages. This final property represents one of the ...
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What algorithm to use for substractive machining RT simulation?

For a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software, and more specifically, for the simulation of the subtractive manufacturing, I would like to understand how to design the representation. In ...
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Why can't OS's keep audio and video recording in sync?

It seems every program that purports to record webcams fails to keep audio and video in sync. Moreover, there are probably man millenia being spent by people trying to correct for this during editing....
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Agreeing on a Time in a Trustless Network

Imagine a chord-like network $N$. each machine $m \in N$ is directly connected to $N_m \subset N$. Without relying on official timeservers, I want all machines to synchronize to some time with ...
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Avoiding collisions in space and time

Say I have an image, represented as a 2D array of pixel values. Also, say I have a set of points on that image where each has a current (x, y) position and a Destination (x, y) associated with it. I ...
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What is the best algorithm for detecting the texture of a person's clothes in real-time for a mobile robot?

I am working on the human following robot. the robot extracts a feature of clothes's texture and distinguishes between the people that they stand up in front of the robot. So, the robot needs that it ...
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Optimality of EDF

For Earliest Deadline First, I have read that if utilization is less or equal to 1, the task set is schedulable under EDF. But does this criteria expresses the optimality for EDF? If not, how can we ...
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Worst Case Response Time (WCRT) analysis the only necessary test for real time tasks?

Recently, I have taken a Computer Science exam for the course Operating Systems. One question was as follows: Which statements about real-time operating systems are true? I selected two options, but ...
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Utilization Factor, periodic tasks and schedulability

We have 2 periodic tasks that start at the same moment in a monocore processor. Why can happen that, even if the utilization factor is <= 1, the 2 periodic tasks are not schedulable ? For example, ...
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Neural networks fed with training data on demand?

What I want to achieve is to build a neural network with Keras which will have to stabilize a quadcopter I've built. The network would have three inputs: pitch, roll, yaw, acceleration x, accel y and ...
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why p1 misses it first deadline? Rate monotonic scheduling

I understand that rate monotonic scheduling assigns a priority to a process based on the periodicity of the tasks it generates and the process with the shortest inter-task period has the highest ...
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