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Lambda calculus and runtime inspection of the term

This is possibly related to reflection and quoting but I don't want to assume anything beforehand. Here is my requirement. My typed lambda calculus (Curry style) is a simpler variant of Calculus of ...
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What is an reflective tower?

I've just read in a discussion about dynamic typing Reflective towers is an open problem for statically typed languages. What are reflective towers? I think it might be related to reflection, ...
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$\lambda$-calculus with reflection

I'm looking for a simple calculus that supports reasoning about reflection, namely, the introspection and manipulation of running programs. Is there an untyped $\lambda$-calculus extension that ...
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Reflection on Concurrency

Reflection is a common mechanism for accessing and changing the structure of a program at run-time, found in many dynamic programming languages such as Smalltalk, Ruby and Python, and in impoverished ...
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