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Why do we rely on computers in critical fields?

I assume that computers make many mistakes (like errors, bugs, glitches, etc.), which can be observed from the amount of questions asked everyday on different communities (like Stack Overflow) showing ...
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Reliability of a service

Assume that I need to determine the reliability of a service. The service includes component a (software reliability=0.95) and component b (software reliability=0.98). I have 2 computers: Computer A (...
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Error detection code supporting arithmetic

I am looking for error detection codes, which support addition in the encoded domain and are separate (a tuple of ($N$, $R(N)$), where $N$ denotes the functional value and $R(N)$ its redundancy). So ...
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How to build a reliable bank transfer? [closed]

I recently came across a problem where I was charged $50 by a merchant with my bank card but there was a communication error, so the money was taken from my account but never arrived in the merchants ...
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Why are computers so reliable?

In any complicated system, there is always some scope for error. When I program on my computer, the system computes perfectly each time. 1+1 always turns out to be 2. We take reliability of the ...
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Why is the Mean Time To Failure of multiple disks calculated via division and not multiplication?

I am reading about disk redudancy. I read the following: Suppose that the mean time to failure of a disk is 100,000 hours. Then the mean time to failure of some disk in an array of 100 disks ...
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Null Hypothesis in Analysis and Testing

I have my end of year exams next Thursday. I'm generally doing fine but I am having some major issues with this strand of my course, this has to be the biggest issue I have. So, here is the question ...
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What is the system's mean time to failure?

I have the following homework problem: A 10 TB disk drive has an MTTF of 6,000,000 hours. How much data can we store in a system comprised of these disks, if we want the system MTTF to be at least 1....
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