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Questions tagged [sets]

Questions about finite and infinite sets and multisets, related data structures and concepts.

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Data structure for a static set of sets

I have collection $U$ of sets, where each set is of size at most 95 (corresponding to each printable ASCII character). For example, $\{h,r,l,a\}$ is one set, and $U = \{\{h,r,l,a\}, \{l,e,d\}, \ldots\}...
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Looking for a set implementation with small memory footprint

I am looking for implementation of the set data type. That is, we have to maintain a dynamic subset $S$ (of size $n$) from the universe $U = \{0, 1, 2, 3, \dots , u – 1\}$ of size $u$ with operations ...
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Concatenation of the intersection of two languages

I'm enrolled to a Formal Language And Automata course, and we have to prove this equation on sets of strings: $$(L_1\cap L_2)\cdot L_3 ≠ (L_1\cdot L_3) \cap (L_2\cdot L_3)$$ I've tried a lot of sets ...
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Finding containing sets in a set of sets

Suppose I have a set of sets of integers $A$, is there an efficient algorithm/data structure that will allow me to query for all sets of integers that include a given input set? That is, given input $...
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Is every subset of a decidable set, also decidable?

Is it true that if A is a subset of B, and B is decidable, than A is guaranteed to be decidable? I believe it would be true because all the subsets of B should also be decidable making A decidable. I'...
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Data Structure for Set Intersection?

Is there any data structure that maintain a collection of set (of finite ground set) supporting the following operations? Any sublinear running time will be appreciated? Init an empty set. Add an ...
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Asymptotic lower bound on the number of comparisons needed to find the intersection of unsorted arrays

A homework problem in my current CS class asks us to produce a comparison-based procedure for taking (essentially—there are some poorly-specified rules about duplicates) the set intersection of $k$ ...
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Redistributing a set of uniformly distributed numbers to an arbitrarily defined shape

Lets say I have a random number generator that spits out uniform numbers from 0 to 1 Next, I have a shape defined by a series of vertices, like { [0, 0.4], [0.5, 0.2], [1, 0.4] } In those vertices, ...
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Identifying the Equivalence Classes of a Language with equal number of 10 and 01 strings

I'm doing a problem where I need to find the equivalence classes of the language below: Let A = {x ∈ {0, 1}* | #(01, x) = #(10, x)}, where, for a, b ∈ {0, 1}*, #(ab, x) is the number of places in x ...
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Order in a subset

Lets consider a range of "K" binary digit numbers. In that range, we want to take a subset of those values which have (<="n" consecutive 0s) AND (<="n" consecutive ...
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A max-even subset problem

I want to know if there is any polynomial algorithm for the problem, or any NP-completeness result. Given a set $S$ and $m$ subsets $C_1, \dots, C_m$ of $S$, we want to find a non-empty set $X\...
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What exactly is the semantic difference between set and type?

EDIT: I've now asked a similar question about the difference between categories and sets. Every time I read about type theory (which admittedly is rather informal), I can't really understand how it ...
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What exactly is the semantic difference between category and set?

In this question, I asked what the difference is between set and type. These answers have been really clarifying (e.g. @AndrejBauer), so in my thirst for knowledge, I submit to the temptation of ...
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Given a set of sets, find the smallest set(s) containing at least one element from each set

Given a set $\mathbf{S}$ of sets, I’d like to find a set $M$ such that every set $S$ in $\mathbf{S}$ contains at least one element of $M$. I’d also like $M$ to contain as few elements as possible ...
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Computing set difference between two large sets

I have two large sets of integers $A$ and $B$. Each set has about a million entries, and each entry is a positive integer that is at most 10 digits long. What is the best algorithm to compute $A\...
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How to find the maximal set of elements $S$ of an array such that every element in $S$ is greater than or equal to the cardinality of $S$?

I have an algorithmic problem. Given an array (or a set) $T$ of $n$ nonnegative integers. Find the maximal set $S$ of $T$ such that for all $a\in S$, $a\geqslant |S|$. For example: If $T$=[1, 3, 4, ...
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What is complement of Context-free languages?

I need to know what class of CFL is closed under i.e. what set is complement of CFL. I know CFL is not closed under complement, and I know that P is closed under complement. Since CFL $\subsetneq$ P I ...
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Time complexity of obtaining the support set of an unsorted sequence?

Consider a sequence $s$ of $n$ integers (let's ignore the specifics of their representation and just suppose we can read, write and compare them in O(1) time with arbitrary positions). What's known ...
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Data structure for partition of a set

A partition of a set S is a separation of the set into an arbitrary number of non-empty, pairwise disjoint subsets whose union is exactly S. What manner of a data structure should be used to represent ...
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What is the name of this positive integer set data structure?

Google is failing me, so here goes: The data structure is used to describe a set of positive integers. It works conceptually, by keeping track of disjoint ranges [a,b) on the number line. These ...
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Finding set of disjoint sets with additional value optimization

I've got a set $Q$ of pairs $[S, v]$ where $S$ is a nonempty set and $v$ is a value ($v \in \mathbb{N}_{+}$). I need to find a subset $R$ of $Q$ with following properties: Sum of all $v$'s is maximum ...
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How to read off the set represented by a van-Emde-Boas tree?

I'm reviewing my background in Algorithms and DS design. Specifically I never went through the van Emde Boas Tree. Though I can undestand the proto-vEB with related picture. I'm struggling to ...
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Union of infinitely many regular languages [duplicate]

I need to prove or disprove the following statement. If $A_n ⊆ \Sigma^*$ is regular for each $n \in \mathbb{N}$ then $\bigcup\limits_{n=0}^{\infty} A_n$ is regular. I know that if two languages ...
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N subsets with a given sum?

How to efficiently ¹⁾ choose from a set of numbers $S$, a given number $n$ of disjoint subsets, each with a given sum $K$ of chosen elements? ¹⁾ Not as in $P$, I just want something smarter than $O(n^...
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Finding users covering a set x by x

I have a Set $S$ of objects, a set $U$ of users and a map $c: U \rightarrow S^{\prime}$, where $S^{\prime} \subset S$ and $\emptyset \notin S^{\prime}$. Every time I add a new entry to $c$, i.e. ...
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How to speed up finding a subset of a given set?

Is there a data indexing technique that speeds up finding subsets of a given set in a collection, or do I always have to scan all of the data? For example, let's say that I have a collection of sets: ...
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How can you determine what set of boxes will maximize nesting?

I'm trying to find a dynamic solution to the nesting boxes problem. You're basically given a set of "boxes" which all have different dimensions. The goal is to find the maximum set of boxes that can ...
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How to partition disagreeable people into compatible groups

We have a number of people that must be partitioned into groups, but there may be people that dislike other individuals. Partition the people into the minimum number of groups such that no person is ...
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