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How to determine the width and depth of a count-min sketch, depending of the unique elements inside

Follow up this question: What is the correct way to determine the width and depth of a count-min sketch? Let suppose, correct way is following: ...
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Integer set disjointness query on sketches with something like homomorphic hashing

Suppose I have two sets of integers $A$ and $B$ and I have a sketch data structure described by a function $\mathsf{sketch}_n : \mathcal{P}(\mathbb{Z}) \to 2^n$ that returns a bitstring of size $n$. ...
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Why is Combinatorial Sketching for Finite programs possible?

I was reading Combinatorial Sketching for Finite Programs and wanted to understand why synthesis of the sketching language was possible/feasible. As far as I understand a partial program is ...
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Different properties of Heavy-Hitters and Count-Min Sketch algorithms?

I'm currently using the Heavy-Hitters algorithm as described here and I'm wondering what if any space, time, accuracy, or real-world performance differences I would see if I were to switch to an ...
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L1 sampling for sampling edges of a graph

I am trying to sample the edges of an undirected graph using weights. The goal is to run a sparsification algorithm on the graph. I see the point that L1 norm is best for sparsification. Can someone ...
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Is this a known question in matrix sketching?

Say one has a $D \times n$ matrix $A$ all of whose entries are non-zero. One wants a method which will look at each of the columns of $A$ one by one and create new $m \ll D $ dimensional columns and ...
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Is this a kind of "sketching"?

Say one is given a matrix (assume real and symmetric if necessary) and its $n-$dimensional columns be say $v_1,v_2,..,v_n$. Now is it possible to find a set of $d<n$ lower dimensional vectors ($w_1,...
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What is the correct way to determine the width and depth of a count-min sketch?

The width (number of registers) and depth (number of hash functions) of a Count-Min sketch determine the accuracy of counts retrieved. I've found two different methods for calculating the width ($w$) ...
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How does hashing achieve sketching?

Given a sequence $x \in \{ 1,2,3...,\vert \Sigma \vert \}^*$ one wants to create a sketch of it say $s(x)$ of size $\frac{2c}{3}k (ln^2 k)$ bits. And that seems to be achieved as follows, pick at ...
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