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Finding a circle within a circle

Let $G=(V,E)$ be undirected, and let $s,t\in V$ and $C\subseteq E$ be a circle that contains $s$ and $t$. Assuming $s$ and $t$ are on the circle $C$, we are given a set of edges $F\subseteq E$ which ...
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How to calculate delta Q (modularity increase matrix) in graphs?

I've been trying to implement the Three-stage Algorithm to compare its results with our new proposed algorithm with different datasets than those mentioned in the article. I've succeeded in ...
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Finding highly-connected regions of graphs

I have a large network of 10,000 nodes and I am trying to identify subgraphs which are clique-like, in that they share many connections. I don't a priori know how many subgraphs fit this criteria. To ...
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