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Dennis Ritchie citation for "the C declarator syntax is an experiment that failed"?

I've often heard that the C declarator syntax described as "an experiment that failed." I've seen claims that this sentiment is also shared by its creator Dennis Ritchie. Does anybody have an actual ...
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Semantics of "write-once" variables for complex data structures

Question My use case for what is described below is not a language or compiler implementation, but finding a reasonable semantics for this feature in a an abstract calculus. Ideally, you give me a ...
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A syntactic property of computing systems: is non-coding DNA universal?

One of the surprising aspect of the genome for lay-people is that it contains important non-coding DNA parts, which does not mean that they are all useless. I never paid so much attention to the fact, ...
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What is the importance of the empty string in CFG derivations?

NOTE: This question is NOT the same as this other nearly-identically worded question with some amazing answers. I learned a lot from it regarding the mathematical importance of the empty string, but ...
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Why must empty rules be inserted in syntax-directed translation of a control-flow grammar?

In Engineering a Compiler (Cooper, Torczon) 3rd Edition, Chapter 5 Syntax-Driven Translation, Section 5.3.3 Translating Control-Flow Statements, the following nested control-flow grammar is presented, ...
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Derivation for BNF

Given a grammar for something like: h(x) or function(x) ...
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Why are ] and } not considered special characters?

Reading the manual for GNU grep, the special characters (with -E option) are .?*+{|()[\^$. This is a somewhat pedantic question, but why are ...
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what are all the ways of delimiting blocks

To my knowledge, in block-structured programming languages, there are 2, maybe 3 main ways of delimiting a block. Using start and end tokens, this can be brackets or reserved words etc Using ...
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Was there an attempt to create a programming language aimed for maximal abstraction?

I am trying to understand if a programming language can have totally or almost totally the abstraction level shared between generally all human languages so that it would allow a human to code a ...
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In a bottom-up evaluation of a syntax directed definition, inherited attributes can

In a bottom-up evaluation of a syntax directed definition, inherited attributes can always be evaluated be evaluated only if the definition is L-attributed be evaluated only if the definition has ...
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