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'Half-Close' figure of Data Communications and Networking, 5/e

In the Figure 24.13 of Data Communications and Networking, 5/e the first ACK message from the server holds y-1 in it's Sequence no. field. Note that the first FIN ...
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Current research in TCP congestion control?

Question: What are the current main challenges in TCP congestion control algorithms? Are there any foundational trade offs that algorithms need to make? E.g. minimizing router buffer sizes while ...
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Tearing down the FSM description of congestion control

I was going through the text Computer Networking- A Top-Down Approach by Kurose and Ross, there I found subtleties with the TCP congestion control FSM which is shown below: Mainly I am having ...
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What is practical implication of Bandwidth delay product?

It's given that the bandwidth-delay product defines the number of bits that can fill the link; while the sender can send (1+(2 * Bandwidth * Delay)) units before getting acknowledged for the first ...
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Why is vulnerable time equal to 2*Tp where Tp is Transmision time? (pure-ALOHA)

In pure aloha the if one frame is been transmitted and another is send during the transmission then the whole frames get destroyed. Vulnerable time is the time period where there is the chance for ...
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Decode TCP Payload data

I'm trying to find out what the data of a packet means. I'm a newbie to networking, and I try to find what's sent in this packet: How can I do that? What does that data ...
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Socket API in TCP

According to me Statement S1 and S2 is True while S3 is False. The Solution says 'S3' is correct ? Am I Wrong ? Kindly help with explanation . I know Connect() in TCP is used by the client side for ...
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How does ssl handshake secures TCP connection?

I will explain whatever I understand about SSL handshake or simply SSL. First client sends hello to server Server sends signed certificate with its public key. Client checks if certificate is valid, ...
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