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Questions tagged [tlaplus]

TLA+ (tlaplus) is a formal specification language developed by Leslie Lamport. TLA stands for "Temporal Logic of Actions."

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Topological/metric space formed by behaviors of distributed system: Safety and Liveness

In the book A Science of Concurrent Programs Leslie Lamport describes alternative way how to look at safety and liveness properties in distributed algorithms. A.5 Another Way to Look at Safety and ...
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Are ASM and TLA+ somehow related?

I learned about abstract state macines recently, and on first sight they seem somehow reminiscent to TLA formalism. For example both: Are used to research possible state sequence and prove safety/...
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How to collect all states of a behavior in TLA+?

Description of the problem: I am modeling checking a distributed protocol against a global property with TLA+ developed by Leslie Lamport. The global property is defined on all states of a behavior (...
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How does TLC check liveness properties?

The paper "Model Checking TLA+ Specifications" published in 1999 explained how TLC (Temporal Logic Checker) checks safety properties written in TLA+ developed by Lamport. At that time, TLC did not yet ...
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