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Proof that 2 phase locking produces order preserving Conflict serializable schedules

In the book Transactional information systems: theory, algorithms, and the practice of concurrency control and recovery there is a theorem stating that Gen(2PL) ⊂ OCSR. Can some one help to guide on ...
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Blockchains where new users don't need to wait for a new node to retrieve old transactions?

After watching 3b1b's brief primer on blockchains here, I noticed a bit of a "flaw" with blockchains. It isn't really a flaw, but I'm not sure how it is alleviated. If we have two players, ...
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Exercise task with main memory

The Exercise is Computer A has a main memory of size HA 2 MiB, and computer B has a main memory of HB = 256 MiB. Both computers process single transactions that have a size of s=84 KiB. Each of the ...
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Distributed transaction problem

Let's suppose there are two banks, Bank A and Bank B. A transaction needs to happen that transfers money from an account in Bank A to an account in Bank B. Bank A and Bank B have separate banking ...
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If a user confirmed a booking or transaction on the database system, but it failed and it falls over to the replica, what if the transaction is lost?

This is an overall system design and DBMS question: If the user books a ticket or an item on a website, how do we solve the issue of confirming a ticket is sold to the user, but the main Database ...
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Does upgrading after all locks and before all unlocks violate 2PL?

2PL's rule says: Upgrading of lock (from S(a) to X (a)) is allowed in growing phase. But what if upgrading lies after the last lock and before the first unlock? Does it still count "in the ...
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