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Questions tagged [tree-automata]

Tree automata work on finite or infinite trees. They generalize word automata (Finite, Buchi, Rabin, Streett, Muller, etc.).

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Proving the (Non-)Emptiness condition for Rabin tree automata given by Pnueli and Rosner

At section 8 of the paper On the Synthesis of a Reactive Module, the authors state the following theorem: Proposition 2 (Non-Emptiness Condition) Let $A = (Q, \delta, Q_0, \Omega)$ be a tree ...
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State-of-the-art for Set Constraints?

I've recently stumbled across the field of Set constraints for program analysis, that is, solving equations of the form $exp_1 \subseteq exp_2$, where (depending on the particular variant of the ...
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Extending minimal top-down tree automata

I'm trying to find an algorithm to update minimal top-down tree automata/hypergraphs. Regular tree grammars can be seen as definitions for recursive data structures: ...
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Algorithm to determine if a top-down non deterministic tree automata accepts some tree?

Given a non-deterministic top-down tree-automata. is there an algorithm, that can determine if there exists any tree that accepted by this automaton? if so, what is the most efficient algorithm known? ...
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How do tree automata work?

I've started with tree automata. The definition is (Leaf-to-root) Tree automaton $\mathcal M$ over (nonempty, finite) alphabet $\Sigma$ is quintuple $\mathcal M=(K,\Sigma,\delta,S,F)$ and bound $f$ ...
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Is this Deterministic Unranked Root-To-Leaf Binary Tree Automata?

I believe I have a definition of deterministic root-to-leaf tree automata in the unranked binary case, and would like to check that I have this definition correct. I would also appreciate any sources ...
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