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What type of tree traversal should be performed to obtain the same splay tree?

I'm trying to figure the following: Given splay tree number 1. Perform a tree traversal on it and insert each node into splay tree number 2 in that order. What type of tree traversal should be ...
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Is possible to have a "pointer" to a tree node in a functional language?

Suppose I have the following structure definition in C: struct node { int value; struct node *parent, *left, *right; } If I want to represent a specific ...
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Correctness of bft resulting in shortest path

I found the following proof concerning the correctness of a breadth-first traversal resulting in shortest path: source: The ...
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Solution Verification: How does the postorder traversal of a BST change after rotating left?

Given a BST $T$, $x$ is a random node in it and $y$ is the right child of $x$. How does the PostOrder traversal of BST $T$ change after we rotate the tree left on node $x$? In which cases does the ...
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Does a priority queue exist with O(1) extract-min and re-insertion from removed positions?

I am envisioning a priority queue that is a bit strange. It represents wanting to do a depth-first left-to-right walk of a tree, but allowing for parallel workers where there can be time between ...
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Which Tree traversal String is unique?

Assume we have a tree and we want to serialize it. Example: ...
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Inorder Traversal of the Ternary Tree

As per Wikipedia, Algorithm for In-order Traversal of Binary Tree If the current node is empty/NULL/None return nothing. Traverse the left subtree by recursively calling the in-order function. ...
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