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Does the Turing test have anything to do with Turing completeness or Turing machines?

I am studying Turing machines and Turing completeness and just remembered I saw something called the Turing test. It seems that the Turing test (from Wikipedia) is a test of a machine's ability to ...
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How do we say there is A Turing machine when it does not halt

Generally we will say there is A DFA for a language if we give a string to that DFA and after processing it it will reach to DFA and DFA more or less stops at final state,so then we say there is a ...
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What does "satisfactory definition" mean?

I am reading the book Artificial Intelligence (A modern approach) by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. While reading the book, I saw the below sentence in the book. The Turing Test, proposed by Alan ...
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How can I do a subtraction with a two tape Turing machine

I have already made a Turing machine with just one tape that solves a subtraction between two numbers, but I trying to do the same but with TWO tapes. As an example, how can I solve 4-2? Taking ...
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Determine if the following problem is decidable or not : Does the read–write head of a TM with the input w leave the word w?

Determine if the following problem is decidable or not : Does the read–write head of a TM with the given input w leave the word w on the tape?
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Can you have simple unit tests for complicated function? [closed]

Can you have simple unit tests for complicated function? For example: Turing test for AI. Do you always can find simple unit tests for any complicated enough function / algorithm?
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How "meaningful" is Turing test? Are there better measures?

How "meaningful" is Turing test? Because even though it's sometimes presented as a "scientific" way of classifying the goodness of AI, I do view it as a sort of naive, left-handed way for defining or ...
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Status questionis for whether a machine can or can't "think"

In his paper Computer Machinery and Intelligence, Turing addresses some arguments against the ability of a computer to pass the Turing test, such as the Theological Argument, the Mathematical ...
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What is Turing's main argument in "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"?

I read Alan Turing's paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" a few times and it isn't clear what exactly is he arguing for. He proposes the imitation game, but doesn't form a concrete conclusion. ...
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Turing tests and humans

How are the questions framed in Turing tests? I mean what factors would one consider before framing questionnaire for the Turing Test.How the questions should be framed to make the test unbiased for a ...
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what is the best practice for turing test

I'm working on a AI project which generates poems in Turkish language like this project: It's a successful project but it's a template based poem generator....
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Did 'Eugene Goostman' really pass the Turing test?

It is being said that 'Eugene Goostman', a computer programme developed to simulate a 13-year-old boy, managed to convince 33 per cent of the judges that it was human, and thus passed the Turing Test. ...
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How is a Turing Test defined?

Turing Test definition taken from wikipedia: The Turing test is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. In the ...
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