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How is a video file read frame by frame without loading the entire video file in memory?

As I understand that a video file is a binary file, the frames are not really present in a contiguous manner in a video file, so reading the video file by doing a seek and reading it frame by frame ...
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Why does a software video encoder create higher quality output than a hardware video encoder

It is said commonly that a software video encoder has creates higher quality output than hardware encoder. Higher quality here means higher picture quality at a given bit rate. Hardware encoders are ...
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File size and screen recording

First and foremost, I would like an academic reference on how screen recording "works." I have tried searching online, but I only get results for the software itself. Exactly how does screen ...
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identify abrupt frame changes in a video

The frames of live streams or videos, in general, do not flow smoothly. A sports game would have multiple cameras recording the game and hence, there will be camera switches in the stream. I am ...
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How does RAMDAC get notified about framebuffer write?

I'm learning computer graphics, and I read this course lecture in order to understand how graphics I/O works under the hood. But the following explanation was not very clear to me: The values in ...
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Sample K representative frames within a video

I have an image-based processing module that takes photos for some computer vision processing. I have many videos, but I need to sample representative frames as its inputs, preferably those frames ...
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Scheduling Algorithm for Video Player

Background: In a nutshell. I coded a video player application (on linux). I used a proprietary library/API, with this, video and audio frames comes with well defined format. After decoding (via API), ...
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Algorithm for weighted elliptic curve fit

Background: I was trying to detect a face solely on the bases of features and the confidence of the features found. I am using a method to identify the features along with the response (confidence). ...
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How to feed videos to a neural network

I have been coding and testing Neural Networks for a while but as of now I have only used IMAGE datasets. (i.e. I have M training images and N testing images). Some datasets are video datasets. The ...
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Convergent cameras stitching

I am currently working on a computer vision problem that involve 8 convergent cameras. I am trying to recreate a 2D image (I actually don't care of the shape of the image) that is the representation ...
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Comparing 2 video files [closed]

I have a bunch of wmv files (~300), named the following way: video1.wmv -> videox.wmv. Some of these video files, are exact ...
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How to label a video for supervised learning?

I have just started discovering the machine learning world! I found many tutorials showing how to deal with different types of data. I walked through some tensorFlow tutorials and I think they have ...
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Filter bubble algorithms for presenting related video lists

In a filter bubble, what are some of the techniques and best ways to determine the relationship between a video that is watched or liked, and the list of related videos to be presented to the browsing ...
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Why does a color video compress better than a black and white video?

It was asked in an exam why a color video compress better than a black and white (grayscale) video using MPEG but can't find anything explaining it. In other words, we would apparently get a better ...
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How does a computer play a video while doing something else?

How is video playback done on a computer? It's obviously not relying purely on the CPU, since video playback continues when a user performs another activity, such as typing into a YouTube comment ...
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Compression technique exploiting common similarities

I asked this on StackOverflow, but it was determined more appropriate to post here. So it goes like this.. For people concerned about users having slow connections and timeout issues, it is known ...
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Compare 2 video files (could be in different formats and quality) by content [closed]

I'm interested - is it possible to implement algorithm which could compare 2 video files and answer, are they the same with some level of precision. Is currently exist some methods which allow to ...
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Lossless Video Compression Pipeline

The only paper I can find about an implementation of a lossless video codec is an article by Michael Niedermayer which explains the FF1V compression pipeline. I'm wondering if anyone else has found ...
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Why are blocking artifacts serious when there is fast motion in MPEG?

Why are blocking artifacts serious when there is fast motion in MPEG? Here is the guess I made: In MPEG, each block in an encoding frame is matched with a block in the reference frame. If the ...
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