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Ranked voting method where unranked candidates on a preference list aren't taken to be the least preferred?

Say there are 5 candidates, A, B, C, D, and E. An election is held using a ranked voting method. That is to say, each voter submits a preference list (the order in which they prefer candidates). E.g. ...
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A voting scheme where votes are scriptable

I am looking for literature on mathematical models of (political) voting schemes. Concretely, I am interested in models that allow votes of the following form: "I am voting for $X$, but only if $...
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Enumeration of winning coalitions

Taken from Wikipedeia: A simple voting game, taken from Game Theory and Strategy by Phillip D. Straffin: [6; 4, 3, 2, 1] The numbers in the brackets mean a measure requires 6 votes to pass, and voter ...
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Assignment based on ranked preference

Assume that there are n students, who have to be evenly assigned to m groups. For every student, a preference ranking of of the <...
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The finer details of Meek's STV

Meek's version of the Single Transferable Vote system [.pdf] is used in multiple big elections including those of New Zealand and Stack Exchange. Demonstration (with thanks to the Department of ...
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Proof of commonality of acceptors in majorities

In the Paxos consensus protocol, a fact that follows from its construction is "any two majority sets of acceptors will have at least one acceptor in common". This observation can be extended to any N ...
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Is it more effective to vote for a woman?

A certain political party wants to encourage women to participate in their primary elections, so they decide, that the 4th position is reserved for a woman. That is, if there is no woman in the top 4 ...
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voting scheme for peaceful coexistence

Many areas in the world suffer from conflicts between two groups (usually ethnic or religious). For the purpose of this question, I assume that most people of both sides want to live in peace, but ...
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