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Applications that allow to create formal proofs. They assist the user by finding partial and checking complete proofs. General questions about proof assistants can also be asked on the Proof Assistants Stack Exchange site.

6 votes

Agda: Which part does this type introduce universe inconsistency?

The term you're applying ¬_ to is large: it quantifies over all M : Set and therefore has type Set 1. So instead of ¬_ : Set -> Set you need ¬_ : Set 1 -> Set 1. A more general solution it to make ¬_ …
  • 563
10 votes

Can a type system serve as a proof assistant for foreign functions?

Long story short: no you can't. A foreign function is like a black box and the type you ascribe to it is a promise you make: in the Curry-Howard correspondence that would correspond to adding an axiom …
  • 563