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Algorithms by Dasgupta-Papadimitriou-Vazirani Prologue confusion

Look at the definition of fib1. It computes one addition in this call, namely fib1(n-1) + fib1(n-2) and then some additions in ...
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Why is it impossible to do a linear time radix sort on n integers and ranging from $0$ to $n^{3} - 1$?

When you consider an algorithm you are given certain assumptions, in this case $n$ is implied to be in base 10 so you would have to compute the base $n$ expansion in addition to the radix sort. You ...
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1 vote

What is the optimal algorithm for merging an arbitrary number of convex hulls?

What is the most efficient way to merge convex hulls? It depends and we can't really now before hand. Let me first illustrate why there is no general recipe for this. If we add two of those convex ...
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