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It means nothing in particular. You can read it as "good enough". It is not encoding some specific technical meaning.


An interpretation creates a link between symbols, on one hand, and objects, relations or functions, on the other hand. Examples of interpretations are the links between names and people in the real world or the links between Numbers (which are objects in the world of mathematics), and the corresponding symbols (1, 2, …). To discuss intended/extended ...


No. Assume towards contradiction that it is true, then ignore $f$ completely (choose some $f$ which is constant) Then, what your statement would say is that $h,g$ are admissible $\implies h+g$ is admissible. In particular, for any admissible function $g$, choose $h=g$, and your statement implies $2g$ is admissible. Apply the statement again to get that $3g$ ...

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