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Why do benchmark results vary at all?

Your assumption that the clock rate is constant is wrong. My computer at home can at any time switch each core to one of 15 different clock speeds. Your assumption that the same operation always takes ...
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Why do I get really different results with my benchmarking code I made?

While benchmarking metal is mostly outside of the realms of computer science -- we usually don't want to worry about issues of materials and physics -- there are some general remarks here. Tl;dr: ...
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How does the TEPS benchmark work and why is it relevant to real world problems?

Benchmark Motivation The benchmark measures the performance of some very simple graph traversal algorithms on very large graphs. These algorithms need to be executed in parallel in order to take ...
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Why do benchmark results vary at all?

Simply put, benchmark would return the same, exact number if the cpu is in the same state every time the code is benchmarked. What does cpu state mean? It means the context of the cpu at that ...
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Strategy to create a testbed and gold standard

You can't. You can't squeeze blood out of a stone. If you want to evaluate how well your method will work on real documents, you need real documents. With synthetically/artificially generated ...
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