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Let's take alternative chess. The rules are identical to chess, except that White can pass in it's very first move (but Black can't, even if White passed). Now it's obvious that White has a strategy to never lose. Because if every move except a pass leads to a loss, then White can pass, and we know that whatever move Black does will lead to a loss for ...


Maybe it is worth mentioning why some kind of reasoning like White has a winning strategy because everything black does, white could have done before. does not work. You might already be familiar with Zugzwang, i.e. a position where the one who has to move loses (the game or just material) or at least weakens his position. The Trébuchet position shows ...


This is unknown at the time of writing. Further, according to solving chess on Wikipedia, no resolution is expected in the near future.


Without more details, I think it is important to precise that Pandemic is 2-4 players cooperative game. Players are allowed to discuss about strategy and share any information (even if the rules are ambigous on the possibility to share card in hand information). Moreover to achieve victory efficiently, players have to trade cards which is hard without ...

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