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Are modern ram architectures (DDR4 or SDRAM) Multi-port or Dual-port?

DDR4 is single-port. DDR5 is also single-port, but it's dual-channel. It can handle two commands at the same time, like dual-port memory. But those commands are expected to arrive over the same ...
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Two Vs Dual Port RAM

There are many varieties of "dual-port RAM". Even though "two-port RAM" literally means the same thing, any one particular "dual-port RAM" may have big differences from ...
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MIPS: How can the least 2 significant bits of a 32-bit address specify a byte?

Using two bits you can count from 0 to 3 (four numbers), so if you want to specify a byte in a four byte word two bits are enough. If you read "the least significant two bits are ignored" as ...
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Are all instructions eventually converted to zero-operand instructions?

Many (but not all!) programming language implementations compile your human-readable source to some intermediate code. The standard Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the Common Language Runtime (CLR), and ...
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