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Why does ISA includes instruction for logical operation?

Imo in digital electronics arithmetic operations are made of logical operations. And how do you build a digital circuit which performs a arithmetic operation without being a subset of a logical ...
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Desktop computing: who needs multi-threading, multi-processing; and how much?

Any CPU-intensive application that supports parallelization may be able to fully utilize such a processor. Such applications may range from simulations run by academics (especially where you may not ...
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Why is the default page/block size 4 KiB?

Why was it 4KB? Because someone looked at the problems, looked at the benefits or disadavantages of a larger or of a smaller pagesize, in the context of the technology of his time, and figured out ...
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Is it possible to completely remove a pre-installed OS from a manufactured computer?

Most computers have non-volatile memory (e.g., EEPROM or flash), volatile memory (e.g., DRAM), and persistent storage (e.g., a hard drive or SSD). It is common for manufacturers to install a ...
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Is there a service provided by the OS, which is NOT accessible by the terminal emulator?

OS services can be invoked by system calls, which can be invoked by programs running on the machine. The terminal emulator is a way that a human can interact with a command-line shell or other program....
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Identifying problem in MIPS pipeline datapath

Assuming there are no data hazards, I guess your professor is referring to the structural hazard that would arise between the Instruction Decode and the Write Back stages. It doesn't have to trick you ...
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Basic questions regarding a computer

A terminal is neither necessary nor sufficient for writing machine code. The best way to write machine code today is to learn to write assembly code, and try writing some programs in assembly code. (...
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