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Function of data pin(s) in a single RAM chip

Each address in this RAM chip stores 4 bits. For example, you can write data 0100 to address 01010101010101010101 and then write data 0011 to address 00000000001111111111 and then read address ...
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What do "JAMZ", "JAMN", and "JMPC" stand for in Mic-1?

From this reference:, 12 bits control the selection of the next microinstruction: Addr (9 bits) - the address of the next ...
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RISC-V execution model

In the terminology that you're using, RISC-V is a register-register ISA. For integer and floating point instructions: All arithmetic and logic operations take registers as operands and write the ...
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Assosciative mapping algorithm

Preliminaries In the case of a fully-associative or set-associative cache, there are multiple places where a cache line could be placed, which usually involves evicting an existing cache line. From ...
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