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Sure. It all depends on the architecture of the machine. For instance, if there is a co-processor that is awake and responds to the network requests by accessing the hard drive, that would be one way to accomplish it. If you're asking about a specific product or technology, that is off-topic here. But conceptually, you can certainly build a computer that ...


Let $p$ be a prime number and denote by $\mathbb{Z}_p$ the ring of integers modulo $p$. The set $\mathbb{Z}_p^*$ typically denotes the units of $\mathbb{Z}_p$. This set is defined as $$\mathbb{Z}_p^* = \{n \in \mathbb{Z}_p : \exists m \in \mathbb{Z}_p, nm = 1\},$$ where arithmetic is done modulo $p$. An important fact about $\mathbb{Z}_p$ is that it is a ...

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