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Binary compression algorithm with decompress by index

You can't compress blockchain addresses (in any blockchain I am familiar with), so this is a dead end.
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Binary compression algorithm with decompress by index

Due to nature of data, just storing the data is better of than compressing it.
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Does a constant time compression algorithm proves that P=NP?

Just to be clear question at hand is the following: Let $c$ be a constant. Does the existence of an algorithm that takes a string $x \in \{0,1\}^*$ as input and outputs a string $f(x) \in \cup_{i=0}^...
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Undecidability in optimal data compression

The length of the shortest program to produce a given string is known as the Kolmogorov complexity of that given string. (Of course, some details are needed to give a formal definition, but this is ...
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