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How to maintain completely dynamic convex hull quickly?

You can use my code. I implemented the ideas from the paper by Overmars and van Leeuwen.
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Use of pointers in linked list

That's poorly written, confusing code, and it would be better not to study it too closely. That said, there is a good reason it takes a Node**. The pointer to the ...
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Memory efficient undo data structure

Yes. A relevant technical term is 'persistent data structure'. (See also persistent-data-structure.) There are many techniques for building persistent versions of standard data structures (trees, ...
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What are the examples of scalable and non-scalable data structures?

According to me the scalble and non-scalble data can be illustrated as follows: Non-Scalble data: The Non-Scalble data is nothing but the data for a software, algorithm, ect . Which is not in that ...
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