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Empty regular expression

The empty regular expression matches one string: the empty string. That's not everything (most strings aren't the empty string) but it also isn't nothing (the empty string is a string, and the regular ...
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Languages: Prove or Disprove that $A^* = B^* \rightarrow A=B$

If $A$ and $B$ are indeed meant to be alphabets here, they would contain only symbols, and your counterexample isn't valid. In fact, if $A$ and $B$ are alphabets, the claim is true. However, I would ...
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Exactly what is the difference between Finite Automata and Transition Graphs?

TL;DR version: Your initial statement was accurate - I'll add some more clarity (hopefully) for people who come across this post later on: The formal definition (from Daniel I.A. Cohen): A transition ...
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