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What is the difference between FLOPS and OPS?

What is the difference between FLOPS and OPS? FLOPS is floating-point operations per second OPS is operations per second The difference should be obvious from the name: one is the number of ...
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What can be the topic of my assignment for presentation about overall computing performance?

The topic cover broad range of work, It should start with 1- CPU-GPU Architecture, you can compare the latest one with the previous one in comparison section and show how it contribute towards the ...
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Difficulty understanding how federation increases cache performance for databases?

It's not smaller databases have more memory - it's about size of a data set. Let's say we have a data set of 100G and we have a cache of 10G - assuming completely random access to data, we have 1/10 ...
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Explanation of roofline model

The axes are in logarithmic scale, and so don't really have a zero point. What you are seeing is $$ \log P = \min(\log I + \log \beta, \log \pi). $$ The striking part is that the slope of the line is ...
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How fast we can run 128-bit LCG generator?

If you have a linear congruential random number generator X, then applying X say 8 times is another LCG whose constants are easy to find. If X calculated a series a0, A1.a2 etc. then you can calculate ...
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Is it possible to generate a better random number generator algorithm from an algorithm that use N computers with one that uses N+1 computers?

The fastest random number algorithm that we know is 0 It is not very random, but it is very fast and therefore the best according to your definition. Maybe you ...
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Can a classical supercomputer solve a large Max-Cut Problem?

It's not that straightforward. NP-hardness means worst case intractability. This means that there are plenty of easy instances of Max-Cut with a huge number of vertices (i.e. much more than just one ...
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