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Is this possible to solve boolean satisfiablility by using karnaugh maps to simplify the whole given boolean formula by simplifying subformulas?

"arbitrary chosen" in a NP problem where the followup results in a P algorithm typically means that the choice matters a lot and trying them all and backtracking over bad choices looking for the ...
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Why do Karnaugh maps work?

The key here is graycode. I think the easiest way to see why Karnaugh maps work is to go through an example: Consider the following truth table: $\hskip2in$ We can easily find the logical formula ...
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Number of literals in the given boolean expression

Does your material use the (strange) convention of notating $\neg A$ as $A'$? If so, there are 6 literals (5 without the LHS). If $A'$ is distinct from $A$, there are 9 (8 without LHS) and the ...
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Someone explain the Venn diagram for the logic equation (A+B)(B+C)

The misunderstanding here is the same as in your previous question. If $B$ is true, the formula is true whatever the values of $A$ and $C$ are. This means that the whole of the $B$ circle ...
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How do i simplify this SOP expression?

You can verify that the two expressions are equivalent by using some logical equivalences. Below I'm using 1 to represent true. $$\begin{align} a'bc'+a'bc + ab'c'+ab'c &= (a'bc'+a'bc) + (ab'c'+ab'...
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Can anyone solve this? Is the answer 4 or 7. I'm confused

It's 4 because you're allowed to "wrap around" from the top edge to the bottom edge or from the right edge to the left edge (those moves still represent 1-bit changes because the Gray code ...
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Minimizing a multiple output circuit with K-maps - and without

Good job on $f_a = \overline acd \lor bc \lor bd$. With $f_b$, I'd denote it as $b\overline d\lor b\overline cd$ - you missed overlap with $\overline d$: $f_b = b\overline c \lor b\overline d$. I'd ...
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How do i simplify this SOP expression?

K-map Simplification leads to the expression which you have arrived at . For checking the same you can create a truth table for your simplified expression and match the outputs with those of the ...
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