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Paging only for user code. What about kernel code?

Other than the fact that kernels tend to be small, as Yuval points out, you should also consider that they are often not relocatable code (in fact, address binding for kernels is done at compile-time) ...
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Some questions on kernels and Reinforcement Learning

Is that valid? My question is how can I distinguish between a valid kernel and a nonvalid kernel if I'm given a kernel in the test? Yes, it will be a valid kernel for all practical purposes, because ...
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Support Vector Machines as Neural Nets?

some says it is because of this architecture SVM is comparable to neural nets
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How could i create a multi-threading system in a kernel?

In a multiprocessing system the other cores of the CPU are initiated with boot code like UEFI or legacy bootloader just like the first core of the computer. The CPU is manufactured to use a "core ...
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Does flipping the kernel in image processing only help maintain mathematical symmetry?

Flipping the kernel comes from the pure-math context of a convolution, where it is a natural thing to do. See this part of 3b1b's video on convolutions where he gives a great intuitive answer to your ...
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How could i create a multi-threading system in a kernel?

That is a overall kernel design issue, not a single assembler instruction. BIOS is an (obsolete) piece of startup machinery for PCs, it had very little incidence on full-fledged kernels (after ...
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Vertex deletion to perfect matching

I'm not sure about the FPT algorithm, but I have an idea for the kernelization. All vertices with degree > k + 1 must be in X, since otherwise you would have to pick all but one of its neighbours ...
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