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Huffman Coding vs LZW Algorithm

In a gist LZW is about frequency of repetitions and Huffman is about frequency of single byte occurrence. Take the string 123123123. (The following is an oversimplification but will make the point) ...
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Huffman Coding vs LZW Algorithm

LZW is dictionary-based - as it encodes the input data, it achieves compression by replacing sub-strings that have occurred previously with references into the dictionary. If phrases do not repeat (...
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2 votes

LZW with dictionary clearing

When the compressor clears the dictionary, it emits the clear code. This enables the decompressor to stay in sync: when it sees the clear code, the decompressor clears its own dictionary. In this ...
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LZ-type compression with a limited recursion depth

While I do not have a fully satisfactory answer to my own question, I have now found the academic context for what I was trying to do. In their classical paper [1] Storer and Szymanski introduce a ...
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