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Why do simple Logical Gates have an Irrational amount of Bits?

An amount of information does not need to be an integer, just like the weight of an object does not need to be an integer number of grams. One might see as a source of confusion to give the same name ...
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Sequent calculus and vs comma: $a \land b \implies ...$ vs $a, b \implies ...$

What prevents me from treating the bottom part as if it was "$-\varphi \land \Gamma \implies \Delta$"? Nothing prevents you! In fact, this is exactly the right idea. You can think of the ...
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SAT polynomial time

In general, asymptotic complexity concerns itself with the size of the input. In this case, the number of input symbols. SAT is thus not polynomially solvable in the worst case as a function of the ...
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