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Are synchronous message sends a subset of async. ones?

There are several possible semantics for asynchronous message passing, so there isn't a single answer to this question. It depends how the scheduler works. From a theoretical perspective, the ...
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How do I use message passing to find the maximum of all values in a grid?

Since the processes can only receive message from their adjacent neighbors, we could first have the all the processes propagate the maximum values through the grid in downward direction in parallel. ...
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What are analog and digital in computer science?

I'll try to answer your remaining question: what are analog and digital in computer science? The trouble is that these terms aren't from computer science. They are from the field called "signal ...
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Processes with communication exclusive from the OS

Two isolated processes need some OS support for passing messages between each other, but there need not be a system call for every message. One simple way is to use virtual memory. You could, for ...
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What is the difference between broadcast and gossip/epidemics?

While sometimes used as synonyms, to me, gossiping protocols are certain flavor of broadcast algorithms, where the message is flooded in a non-structural (commonly, random) way and spreads to the ...
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1 vote

Method of communication in Distributed Systems

Because in a distributed system, nodes do not have access to shared memory that is shared between all nodes. Shared memory is only typically feasible when the nodes are on a common memory bus, e.g., ...
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What are analog and digital in computer science?

Before we had electric or electronic calculators, there were mechanical calculators. These worked with whole numbers, so they were digital, but they were powered by hand (typically by turning a crank) ...
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What are analog and digital in computer science?

There is a distinction between continuous phenomena and discrete. It's the former than is called analog in computer science and the latter, digital. After all, the digits 0 and 1 are discrete. Whilst [...
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1 vote

Parallel programming models: Why do OpenMP and MPI dominate?

I will give you two main reasons why MPI and OpenMP dominate. The first one is that they are standards. There are several available implementations, and you can be sure to find them available on ...
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1 vote

Are there existing extensions to behavior trees that fascilitate node communication?

The most mathematical paper I have seen on Behavior Trees is How Behavior Trees Modularize Hybrid Control Systems and Generalize Sequential Behavior Compositions, the Subsumption Architecture and ...
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What mathmatical model shall be used for describing P2P processes interaction?

If you're looking for a single model that describes all relevant aspects of your system, you'll have a hard time. And building the model will take as much effort as implementing the system itself, if ...
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