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R2000 ALU Design

What you're looking for is unlikely to have ever existed. The R2000 ALU was almost certainly not designed in terms of gates, but either in a high-level synthesis language such as Verilog, or in terms ...
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How do you tell whether a binary number is positive or negative?

how do we know that they t2 = 0xfffffff5= -11 and not $t2 = 4294967285? We don't. They're the same number (in mod 232 arithmetic, which is what your computer uses.) Essentially, signed or unsigned is ...
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Calculate the CPI of a program

Begin by drawing a table of the instructions executed: # INSN OP1 OP2 OP3 COMMENT 1 addi t0 zero 1 t0 = 1 2 addi v0 zero 0 v0 = 0 3 beq t0 zero exitout t0 != 0 (hit) 4 sll t0 t0 0 (bds) 5 addi ...
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What is the hit rate of the cache when executing this code?

Your program will most likely crash because you access non-existing array elements.
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