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Name of graph family defined by modular sum

Your graph class is the class of graphs that are a disjoint union of a clique and a bunch of bicliques, possibly singletons. We can safely assume that the labels $\ell(v) \in [0,T)$, and it is then ...
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Finding solution to Mv=v over $\mathbb{Z}$={0,1} for matrix M given a set linearly independent v

It is not possible. Such matrices don't exist. We always have $Mv=v$ whenever $v=0$ (the all-zeros vector). No set that contains the all-zeros vector is linearly independent, so surely $0 \notin V$....
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$n \pmod k$ circuit

Here is some JS code that performs the n mod k operations. To visualize I generate all 8-bit representations and let them run through the function to output a truth table, outputting True if divisible ...
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