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How LRU is used without special hardware?

The Linux kernel uses a (very rough) approximation of LRU, which is the reason why you find mention of LRU, even though it is not the true LRU algorithm. Here is a description taken from the source: ...
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When is it best to use the second chance replacement algorithm?

Farthest-in-future is optimal, second chance can't be better. Second chance is a way to approximate LRU when the required hardware (access times, sort them) isn't available. Both try to approximate ...
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LRU vs FIFO page replacement

For anyone visiting this thread in the future, FIFO can have less page faults in some scenarios. In this one ( <2, 6, 5, 7, ..., ..., ...> ), it can be completed with 2, 8, 6. The access of 2 ...
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Page fault, virtual memory

Both. The OS is software that executes on the processor.
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Does optimal page replacement cause the same number of faults for the reverse string?

If we let $S^r$ be the reverse of a reference string $S$, then the page-fault rate for the OPT algorithm on $S$ is the same as the page-fault rate for the OPT algorithm on $S^r$. Similarly, the page-...
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NRU: Page fault on writing?

The idea is to mark a read/write page as read-only when loading it into memory (or after writing it out). If it is written to, a fault will occur. When handling the fault, the operating system looks ...
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